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Bariatric surgery and other weight loss innovations have made massive weight loss a reality for more people than ever before. However, weight loss patients face an additional challenge once they’ve lost the weight: skin that has lost elasticity from being overstretched. This excess skin and tissue can cause physical problems (such as chafing and rashes), hinder the ability to exercise, and prevent patients from realizing the full cosmetic benefits of their weight loss.

In order to fully realize their new shape, many weight loss patients need surgical body contouring. Because of our extensive experience with post-bariatric plastic surgery procedures, Torrance, Manhattan Beach and Long Beach residents choose cosmetic plastic surgery at South Bay Plastic Surgeons to complete their weight loss transformation.

If you are interested in procedures such as arm lift, thigh lift or a tummy tuck, request a consultation online at South Bay Plastic Surgeons. Or you can call our office at (310) 784-0644 and one of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment.

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Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons provides an unmatched combination of training, experience and specialization for optimal care.

About Body Contouring Procedures

It is not uncommon for women or men who have lost 100 pounds or more to have excess skin in numerous areas, including the face and neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, back and thighs. This skin has been stretched too far to shrink back and can only be corrected through surgery. These body contouring procedures remove excess skin, tighten and reposition remaining tissue, and may include liposuction to eliminate any residual fatty deposits.

  • Abdominoplasty is surgery for the reduction and removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen, moving the belly button, and tightening of the front abdominal muscles.
  • Panniculectomy is a procedure for the reduction and removal of excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen below the belly button (pannus).
  • Vertical Excision of Abdominal Wall Skin involves removal of excess skin via a midline excision on the abdomen.
  • Belt Lipectomy (also known as “Circumferential Body Lift” or “Lower Body Lift”) is performed for the reduction and removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen (belly), hip rolls (flanks), lower back and upper buttocks, coupled with tightening of the front abdominal muscles.
  • Upper Body Lift is surgery for the removal of excess skin and subcutaneous tissue from the upper body, to include the back and axilla (not including the breasts or arms).
  • Thigh/Buttock Lift is the removal, tightening, and lifting of excess skin and fat from the anterior (front), medial (inner) or lateral (outer) thighs and buttocks.
  • Brachioplasty (Upper Arm Lift) is the surgical excision of excess skin and attached fat from the upper arms.

You may need to undergo more than one procedure to achieve the results you want. In some cases these can be performed at the same time; in other cases, your surgeries may need to be performed in stages. The board-certified plastic surgeons at our practice will work with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and meets your goals.

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