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Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Benefits of Topical Vitamin C

Back in the day, your mom insisted you drink your orange juice because she understood the importance of Vitamin C to fight off illness, improve your immune system, prevent inflammation, and to help your body to process a healthy diet. Did you know that Vitamin C is available in a topical version for your skin? And did you know our Obagi Professional C-Serum is 20% off during May? The Benefits of Topical Vitamin C As we already know, ingesting vitamin C in food or via supplements has health …

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May is Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month

Here in California's South Bay, skin cancer levels are among the highest in the country, and it's no wonder: Southern California is bright and sunny 90% of the time, and we are all sun worshippers! We know you aren't going to stay away from the beaches or avoid the sun (as if you could!), so we're sending some tips your way to save your skin--and your good health! As you probably know, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US. Primarily caused by …

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Renew Your Body: Mommy Makeover

Our Torrance plastic surgeons perform Mommy Makeover surgery to help women from Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, and other nearby Los Angeles communities regain—as closely as possible—their pre-baby bodies. Many end up looking better than ever! These personalized combination procedures usually include a breast enhancement procedure such as breast augmentation, lift, or reduction plus a tummy tuck to address stretch marks and excess tissue in the tummy area. Sometimes, these combination procedures also include liposuction to address unwanted pockets of fat. The Breasts & Belly Might …

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