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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Have a Lower Belly Pooch? It’s Called a Panniculus & You Can’t Remove It By Working Out

Woman doing sit ups and trying to lose belly pooch (model)

You might know it by another name—a pooch, a pouch, or even the tasteless FUPA. But this bothersome bulge has a technical name: panniculus. When loose skin is to blame for that particular bulge or area of discomfort, no amount of working out or crash dieting will solve the problem. Instead, the only solution is removal via surgery—usually a panniculectomy and/or a tummy tuck. What causes a lower belly pooch? A panniculus is defined as the apron of sagging skin (and sometimes a bit of …

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Unexpected Uses for Fillers

Woman with rejuvenated hands and ears

By now, you already know what injectable fillers can do for your face. These products are so well-loved for their ability to reduce wrinkles on the face that they're often called "facial fillers" here in Manhattan Beach. But injectable fillers can do a lot more than just even out nasolabial folds. Let's take a look at some of their more uncommon indications. Earlobe Repair When we age, we often see and feel it in unexpected areas. Take, for example, the earlobes. Although you may not …

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