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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Small Treatments That Make a Big Difference!

Looking for ways to improve your appearance that don’t require surgery and won’t break the bank? We’ve got ‘em! Here are some of our staff’s favorite beauty treatments! Hand Rejuvenation: If your hands look older than your face, an IPL treatment plus dermal filler will reduce wrinkles and plump the back of your hands for a softer, younger look! Collagen Boost: Want to stimulate collagen and improve facial tone and texture? Sculptra® plus micro-needling does the trick! Have a recessed chin? Before you have surgery, …

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Breast Reconstruction Primer: DIEP, SIEA, Free TRAM and Pedicled TRAM

As you know, the skilled plastic surgeons at South Bay Plastic Surgeons in Torrance perform a variety of breast reconstruction procedures. This article describes four common breast reconstruction methods: Free TRAM flap, Pedicled TRAM flap DIEP flap and SIEA flap   These four breast reconstruction procedures all use tissue (flaps) from the abdomen to reconstruct the breast(s). The primary difference between them is the choice and management of blood vessels to nourish the abdominal flap once it has been relocated to the chest wall. The …

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Liposuction 101

Most of us, at one time or another, have stood in front of a mirror and registered disappointment in our shape. While diet and exercise are effective tools in body shaping, some of us have discreet pockets of fat that stubbornly stick around even with the most rigorous diet and exercise regimen. Because these pockets of fat are genetic in origin, they often persist even after weight loss. at our Manhattan Beach-area practice can eliminate these fat deposits with minimal discomfort and downtime. Everyone understands what …

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Seeking a More Beautiful Bum?

If you have a flat and/or saggy bottom due to genetics, weight-loss/gain cycles and/or aging, we have good news. You can enjoy a fuller, rounder tush and an improved appearance in skirts, shorts and jeans through a technique called . What is Fat Transfer? Simply put, fat transfer is the process of removing unwanted fat from one or more areas of the body (such as the hips, thighs, belly, and/or back) and injecting that fat into an area where more fat is desired, such as, in …

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Breast Reconstruction Primer: Tissue Expander+Implant

As you may know, the skilled surgeons at South Bay Plastic Surgeons in Torrance, perform a variety of breast reconstruction procedures. Over the next few months, we'll describe each of the options available to our breast cancer reconstruction patients. This article describes the most common breast reconstruction method: Tissue Expander+Implant. The tissue expander + implant option is a two-stage reconstructive procedure. After mastectomy, a temporary, inflatable breast implant is inserted under the skin and chest muscle in the operating room. This inflatable implant is called …

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Top Ten Travel Tips for Beautiful Skin

Whether you're taking a weekend car trip, a cross-country train excursion or flying to an exotic locale, you want to look your very best! These Top Ten Travel Tips for Beautiful Skin will keep your trip and your skin happy! PS: Obagi's travel-size Nu-Derm set is on sale during June or while supplies last! 1. Moisturize If you’re flying the friendly skies, apply extra moisturizer the night before your flight to increase your skin’s hydration before exposing your skin to the cabin pressure’s dry air. 2. Make Some Mist Purchase a …

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