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When Is the Best Time for a Tummy Tuck?

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Choosing the right time for a tummy tuck at our Los Angeles-area practice is essential when it comes to having a rewarding experience and enjoying strong, long-lasting results. Being prepared both mentally and physically for your transformation is one of the most important steps you can take to make sure your surgical journey is as low stress and high reward as possible.

So when is the best time to pursue a tummy tuck? Let’s take a closer look.

When you can comfortably afford the time and finances

Making sure you have the necessary time and financial means to invest in your transformation will reduce extra stress and allow you to focus on healing. A tummy tuck is not something you should try to fit into your budget or schedule when it doesn’t make sense. You’ll need plenty of time to rest—and resting will be a lot easier to do if you know you’re not overextending your financial resources.

Fortunately, financing options can help make tummy tuck surgery much more accessible. Learn more about affordable payment plans on our fees and financing page.

When you’re at or near your goal weight

It’s best to wait until your weight is stable and you are not planning to lose or gain a significant amount of weight, as weight fluctuations can compromise your results. Instead, you may have some remaining localized areas of concern, such as a bulge on the lower abdomen. (This is called a panniculus. Learn more about it in our previous blog post.)

Being near your goal weight will also prevent complications and risks associated with having a high BMI. For a tummy tuck and other plastic surgery procedures, it’s typically recommended you have a BMI of 30 or below.

When you’re not planning to have more kids

A tummy tuck won’t affect your ability to get pregnant, but future pregnancies can stretch the skin back out and alter your results. If you want to enjoy your flat, firm abdomen for as long as possible, wait until your family is complete before undergoing your transformation. Tummy tucks also offer the benefit of removing c-section scars, making tummy tucks especially beneficial after your final pregnancy.

When you’re finished breastfeeding

If you choose to have a tummy tuck soon after a pregnancy, it’s recommended you wait until you are finished breastfeeding. This allows your abdomen time to heal and prevents pregnancy-related hormonal changes from compromising your recovery or results.

When you’re in the right mindset

Having a positive attitude, healthy motivations, and realistic expectations are essential. Being in the right space mentally is just as important as being in the right shape physically. Having a strong support system, researching your procedure, and asking your surgeon any remaining questions you may have are great ways to set the stage for a positive surgical experience.

To see examples of the results you can expect after a tummy tuck at South Bay Plastic Surgeons, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you would like to discuss your tummy tuck options with a plastic surgeon in the Los Angeles area, please contact us online or call (310) 784-0644.

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