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Meet Valerie!
If you’ve ever visited our office on a Friday, then you may have met our permanent makeup artist Valerie Gilbert. She is a master at cosmetic tattooing, which includes permanent makeup along with the final stage of breast reconstruction – nipple and areolar tattooing. For many women, this is the end of a long and difficult journey and Valerie helps to complete this process with her wonderful technique, patience, and always happy personality.

Micro pigmentation (cosmetic tattoo) inserts color pigments into the dermal layer of the skin to camouflage scars and restore areola nipple complex after reconstruction and post mastectomy. Valerie matches the color to each individual, ensuring that the results are natural. Less than 10% of our patients forgo nipple areola complex because our surgeons at South Bay Plastic surgeons encourage their patients to complete the process. This not only completes the reconstruction phase but also restores the client’s confidence. We often hear patients say “I was not going to do this [tattoo] but my doctor encouraged me to and I am so happy I did.”

Valerie Gilbert is a Certified Make-up Technician, (CPMT) and a licensed cosmetologist with over 20 years experience. She is trained and knowledgeable in many aspects of the beauty industry, including restorative cosmetic makeup procedures and permanent makeup. She continues to take advanced training courses in the field and has dedicated her practice to helping clients and patients look and feel their best.

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