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Breast Reconstruction Specialists in Torrance Featured on Nightline

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The national news program highlighted a breast reconstruction procedure performed by the Torrance plastic surgery team at South Bay Plastic Surgeons.

Torrance, California (October 2014) — South Bay Plastic Surgeons ( and their breast reconstruction specialists at the Torrance and Beverly Hills practices were featured on the Nightline news show to help kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month coverage.

The Torrance plastic surgeons say they are honored to be part of a broadcast that may help educate millions of viewers about the breast reconstruction options available to women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Recent studies show a large percentage of breast cancer patients still opt against undergoing reconstruction after a mastectomy, in part because they aren’t aware of all the options.

“It is a huge quality-of-life issue,” Dr. Jewell says on the program. “Breast cancer is a terrifying diagnosis, and most of the reason why is because women imagine themselves without breasts, with horrible scars on their bodies, without that outward symbol of femininity. And our job is to take that out of the equation.”

The program focused on a patient undergoing an advanced breast reconstruction technique that used her own tissue and skin to create a breast mound immediately after a double mastectomy. Dr. Newman and Dr. Jewell worked together to perform the complex technique, called the DIEP flap.

“Most patients who choose reconstruction get breast implants,” Dr. Newman says. “But for women who for whatever reason don’t want implants, the DIEP flap procedure is an advanced technique that reconstructs the breast using tissue from the patient’s midsection without removing any of the abdominal muscles.”

Because the technique requires a high level of skill, including training in microsurgery to reconnect blood vessels, the number of plastic surgeons performing it across the country is limited. South Bay Plastic Surgeons is one of the few practices offering this form of breast reconstruction, serving the region of Los Angeles from Santa Monica to Long Beach. Patients from around the U.S visit the Torrance practice for this specialized plastic surgery.

One of the advantages of the flap technique compared to having an implant is that the results are permanent, the surgeons say. Implants need to be replaced about every 10 years.

“With the flap, it’s your own tissue,” Dr. Jewell says. “So it’s going to look and change and age with you for the rest of your life.”

Another patient featured on the show, who initially chose to have a breast implant inserted after a mastectomy, later opted for the DIEP flap procedure from Dr. Jewell.

In the Nightline broadcast, the 44-year-old woman credits Dr. Jewell with giving her the courage to undergo the more complicated surgery: “Dr. Jewell really kind of liberated me a little bit to say, ‘You deserve to have the body you see yourself having, and be grateful for that body.'”

The surgeons encourage anyone interested in breast reconstruction to visit their Facebook Page to view the story and learn more.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer or is considering reconstruction after already having a mastectomy, request a consultation online to meet with one of the specialists at South Bay Plastic Surgeons. You can also call our office at (310) 784-0644 .