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Torrance Plastic Surgeons Say ‘Mommy Makeover’ Great for Anti-Aging, Non-Moms

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A group of specialists at Torrance’s South Bay Plastic Surgeons says the combination cosmetic procedure corrects more than post-pregnancy concerns.

Torrance, California (June 2014) — The combination of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures commonly known as a “mommy makeover” is an effective way to reverse aging’s effects on any woman’s body, say the specialists at Torrance’s South Bay Plastic Surgeons (, including women who don’t have children.

“The concept of the mommy makeover is to meet the unique needs of a woman who wants to improve her appearance through a combination of procedures that typically include a tummy tuck and breast augmentation,” Torrance plastic surgeon Dr. Charles W. Spenler says. “However, a mommy makeover can also include facial procedures or other options.”

Liposuction and a breast lift are other surgical procedures that are often included in a mommy makeover, Dr. Spenler says, because pregnancy often brings with it breast sagging and stubborn areas of fat around the body. These concerns are also common among many women as they get older, whether they have children or not.

“Gravity and age take a toll on all of us,” Dr. Lisa L. Jewell says. “Pregnancy and breastfeeding can accelerate the effects, but a mommy makeover isn’t just for moms. The procedures are a great way to turn back the clock and restore a patient’s confidence in her body.”

Combining procedures includes a number of advantages for the patients. Doing them in a single operation instead of as stand-alone surgeries is more cost-effective because the patient has to pay certain fees only once, including operating room and anesthesiology fees. Additionally, there is only a single recovery, which means fewer days off work and other activities.

Women who have lost a moderate amount of weight are also good candidates for a mommy makeover, Dr. Jewell says, because they may want to tighten the loose skin on their abdomens and lift sagging breasts.

Dr. Michael K. Newman, another of the practice’s surgeons, notes that patients concerned about signs of facial aging can also benefit from the combination approach, using non-surgical options such as injections of BOTOX® Cosmetic at the Torrance clinic.

“Taking a comprehensive approach to cosmetic enhancement produces beautiful, dramatic results,” Dr. Newman says. “It’s the approach we take with all of our patients.”

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