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Stress Causing Spike in Long Beach Face Lift Procedures

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Long work hours and high stress levels cause facial tissues to degenerate quickly, but for many Long Beach face lift patients the “old,” “worn-out” look has found its match in a range of cosmetic surgery procedures designed for fast, focused adjustments and shorter, more comfortable recovery times.

Long Beach, California (April 2009) – It’s no secret that stress makes people look older and more tired, but many women and men are finding a new way to reverse the effect of stress on their features through cosmetic surgery procedures like brow lift and face lift. Board-certified Long Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Spenler of the South Bay Plastic Surgeons says that many more people are turning to endoscopic and minimal-downtime options to reverse stress-related facial aging.

“High stress levels cause facial tissues to age faster, and in the long run this creates a worn-out appearance that can be frustrating and damaging for a person’s self-esteem,” explains Dr. Spenler. “As a cosmetic surgeon in Long Beach, I am seeing a dramatic rise in the number of patients who want to reverse this process early on, especially through the less-invasive procedures like endoscopic browlift and face lift.”

Endoscopic cosmetic surgery utilizes a tiny camera, which allows the plastic surgeon in Long Beach to perform precise procedures such as face lift through very small incisions, helping not only to prevent scars, but also to minimize the time the patient has to spend recovering from surgery.

Like traditional face lift and brow lift, the endoscopic version allows the surgeon to adjust the position of deeper facial tissues, repositioning them at a more youthful angle so that they better support the natural shape of the face. While patients may need up to a month to recover from traditional face lift procedures, most of Dr. Spenler’s endoscopic face lift patients feel comfortable showing off their results within the first week.

“Most of my Long Beach face lift or brow lift patients will need only a single surgery to achieve their cosmetic goals,” notes Dr. Michael Newman, another board-certified plastic surgeon at the practice. “However, because stress also has a chemically damaging effect on facial tissues, some patients also opt for treatments to promote better skin health.

Despite the wide availability of many of these smaller-scale treatments, Dr. Spenler urges women and men who are considering these procedures to take the time to choose the surgeon and surgical facility wisely.

“Patients who are extremely busy sometimes look for ways to cut corners and save time, but this is a mistake,” adds Dr. Lisa Jewell, a board-certified plastic surgeon at the practice. “Choosing a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your face lift does take a little more time and effort, but ultimately gives increased peace of mind and in my opinion a better result.”

To find out more about whether an endoscopic face lift is right for you, or to learn more about any of the other options that our plastic surgeons provide, send an email or contact the South Bay Plastic Surgeons at (310) 784-0644 .