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June 2014 copy SBPS bumIf you have a flat and/or saggy bottom due to genetics, weight-loss/gain cycles and/or aging, we have good news. You can enjoy a fuller, rounder tush and an improved appearance in skirts, shorts and jeans through a technique called fat transfer.

What is Fat Transfer?
Simply put, fat transfer is the process of removing unwanted fat from one or more areas of the body (such as the hips, thighs, belly, and/or back) and injecting that fat into an area where more fat is desired, such as, in this case, the buttocks. This procedure, sometimes called lipostructure, fat grafting, liposculpting, lipo-injection or fat injection, is more than just injecting fat into the bottom. To create balanced, natural results, our Torrance plastic surgeons use their understanding of anatomy, fat distribution and artistry to create the best results possible.

What about Buttock Implants?
It’s the experience of the plastic surgeons at South Bay Plastic Surgeons that buttock implants are not an ideal solution. Buttock implants have a history of high complication rates, including infection, fluid build-up around the implants, shifting, compression of the sciatic nerve, capsular contracture, and prolonged discomfort. Because they are implants, they feel unnatural to most patients and often appear artificial, as well. By comparison, fat transfer to the buttocks generally avoids these potential problems.

How is Fat Transfer Performed?
Fat transfer is an outpatient surgical procedure that is performed under general anesthesia in one of our local Torrance hospitals or accredited surgery centers. Your South Bay Plastic surgeon removes fat from the predetermined area(s) via liposuction. The fat is then refined to ensure that the best “donor” fat is used. Once this is accomplished, the fat is strategically injected into areas of the buttocks to create a naturally distributed result. Other than tiny scars from incisions made for liposuction, there are no scars from buttock augmentation with fat transfer, as the fat is injected into the buttocks, requiring no incisions.

Recovery from Fat Transfer to the Buttocks
While you may have swelling and bruising for a couple of weeks following your procedure, the primary recovery tactic is to sleep on your stomach at night and to avoid prolonged sitting for two weeks, to ensure that the fat distribution throughout the buttocks stays even for optimal results. Avoid any strenuous exercise for 6-8 weeks. 

If you are interested in fat transfer to the buttocks, contact us for a private consultation by calling (310) 784-0644 or completing this online consultation request form.

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