Breast Reduction

Large breasts are more problematic, in many ways, than small breasts. While women can mask small breasts with padding and clothing, there is just no way to hide large breasts. As many women with large breasts know, problems arise on more than just the superficial level. For our patients in the Torrance and Long Beach areas, breast reduction can be truly life-changing.

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Breast Reduction Before & After Photos


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Breast Reduction Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Breast Reduction case 162 before photo
    Breast Reduction case 162 after photo

    Case #162

    57 year old female patient who is post massive weight loss. Her weight has been stable for approximately one year and she would now like the size of her breasts and excess lower abdominal skin addressed. Her breasts cause her severe neck and should pain. She has dee... View Case

  • Breast Reduction case 148 before photo
    Breast Reduction case 148 after photo

    Case #148

    This patient is a 45 year old female who underwent Bilateral Vertical Breast Reduction. She complained of neck and back pain due to the large size of her breasts. She requested a reduction from 36D to 34C. Her Board Certified Plastic Surgeon removed approximatley 400gm per breast. ... View Case

  • Breast Reduction case 190 before photo
    Before front
    Breast Reduction case 190 after photo

    Case #190

    This late-20's Torrance breast reduction patient had shoulder, neck and back pain from her oversized breasts. After bilateral breast reduction surgery in a local South Bay hospital, she no longer has pain in these areas, and reports a high degree of satisfaction with her results.  View Case

  • Breast Reduction case 189 before photo
    Breast Reduction case 189 after photo

    Case #189

    This is a patient that had breasts that were size 34G which gave her severe neck and back pain.  Her right breast was larger than her left.  She underwent a breast reduction which helped to relieve her pain and correct her asymmetry. View Case

Benefits of Breast Reduction

Large, heavy breasts cause discomfort and can even lead to reduced self confidence and a hindered lifestyle. Moreover, excessively large breasts can lead to medical problems such as:

  • back and neck pain
  • rash and infection under the breasts
  • deep bra strap grooves

Breast reduction can alleviate both the physical and emotional discomfort caused by overly large breasts. Our breast reduction patients in the Los Angeles area often report new self confidence and a more positive self image. In many cases, breast reduction is performed in conjunction with a breast lift to both elevate and reshape the breasts.

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Meet Our Surgeons

Our team of plastic surgeons provides an unmatched combination of training, experience and specialization for optimal care.

After reduction, many women find new self confidence, rooted in a more "normal" outward appearance. Imagine how it would feel for a woman to see her own stomach for the first time in years. This new self confidence and improved body image motivates many women to pursue a more active lifestyle, previously hindered by their large breasts.

Breast reduction, like all plastic surgery procedures, shows the best results when the surgeon is well trained in a variety of techniques, and not an advocate of a particular favorite. In the office consultation, our surgeons discuss with each patient their expectations, and suggest which surgical approach works best to achieve the desired result.

Breast Reduction after Massive Weight Loss

Many massive weight loss patients are left with large, sagging breasts that do not reflect their new health and vitality. We specialize in post weight loss breast procedures for men and women to restore shape and proportion to the breasts. Breasts are moved higher on the chest wall and excess tissue is removed. Nipples are also repositioned and often reduced to be in proportion with the new breast size.

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