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What Should I Look for in Liposuction Before-and-After Photos?

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For men and women considering liposuction in the Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and greater Los Angeles area, looking through before-and-after photos is an essential step in the research process. Photos of a surgeon’s work speak volumes, not only about their skill in a given procedure, but also about considerations such as attention to detail, experience working with diverse body types, and more.

In this blog post, we’ll share a few key things you should look for as you browse liposuction before-and-after photo galleries while researching potential surgeons.

Inconspicuous Scars

Liposuction incisions are typically small and well-hidden within natural creases on the body, so your eye shouldn’t be drawn to any obvious scars. If you see glaringly discolored, large, or poorly healed incisions, it’s likely the work of a less-than-exceptional surgeon. On the other hand, discreet and well-healed scars demonstrate a dedication to creating attractive overall results through close attention to small details.

Even Fat Removal

Poorly performed liposuction can result in lumps and bumps, asymmetry, and dimples in the treated areas. It’s a good sign if the skin is smooth and even, and the fat underneath appears naturally distributed. Ask yourself: do the hips look symmetrical? Are the thighs smooth? Do the abdominal contours look natural and flattering? If so, that’s likely the sign of a careful and skilled body contouring surgeon who has a strong knowledge of how much fat to remove to create an attractive result.

Noticeable Fat Reduction

This may seem like a given, but it’s worth taking a close look at how dramatic the fat reduction is. One of the benefits of liposuction over nonsurgical methods such as CoolSculpting® is the greater amount of fat removal it can achieve. In side-by-side photos, you should be able to see a clear difference in the treated areas. Learn more about choosing between CoolSculpting and liposuction in our previous blog post.

It is important to note that liposuction is not intended to be a weight loss procedure. Don’t expect to see the same dramatic transformations you would see in bariatric surgery before-and-afters. Instead, look at the specifically targeted areas described in the captions. You should see a slimming effect in these regions, which often include the abdomen, thighs, hips, and flanks.

Diversity of Body Types

A gallery that showcases a wide variety of body types is a sign that the surgeon is capable of creating positive results for a diverse group of people. This indicates an artistic eye, an inclusive practice, and assurance that no matter your proportions, you’re likely to achieve strong results as well.

Ready to get on with your research? Start with our liposuction before-and-after photo gallery.

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