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The Real Cost of Cheap Fillers

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Most of us shop around before making a big purchase, but how do you know you’re getting a great deal or just getting scammed?

First, consider that a treatment of filler injections is actually a medical procedure. Despite being minimally invasive, complications can still arise when you go to a less qualified provider or choose a facility that’s not medically supervised. Steer clear of bargain-basement injections and med spas that offer Groupons or other rock-bottom discounts. Why? Because deep-discounted products can come with a number of hidden risks.

Like any pharmaceutical product, dermal fillers must meet rigorous standards of quality and safety before being released to the public. The testing and regulatory process can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why filler injections can be pricey. Although many reputable medical practices do occasionally offer special deals and promotions on facial fillers in and around Redondo Beach, there are other ways of determining whether a practice is reputable.

Low-priced or counterfeit fillers are widely available on the black market—and they’re of course not regulated like the real thing. Fillers need to be stored under optimal conditions to ensure the product maintains its integrity. When you choose a bargain-priced filler product, you can’t be sure where it originated from or how it was stored. If the product was imported, as many black market fillers are, it could be diluted or even be a different product altogether. Some less-than-reputable injectors here in the United States have been found diluting the product or even saving half-used syringes to save a few dollars. This is incredibly dangerous and could potentially expose you to blood-borne illnesses like hepatitis or HIV.

When you go to a provider for the first time, ask them to show you the unopened product box. The box seal should be intact, and there should be a sticker on it with the product name, lot number, and expiration date. BOTOX® Cosmetic (not a filler, but still an injectable) has a hologram of the Allergan logo on the vial. Finally, the text on the box should be in English.

Look for a clinic that’s run by a plastic surgeon or is at least medically supervised. While it’s not necessary to have a physician do the injections, your clinic of choice should be staffed by trained injectors, whether nurses or aestheticians, who understand the products they’re using—as well as the complexities of the face. Here at South Bay Plastic Surgeons, most of our physicians are board-certified, and we also have experienced injection specialists on our staff.

But you may still be interested in saving some money on your fillers. In that case, clinic VIP programs are just what you need. Like our own Healthy Skin VIP Club, which can help lower the costs on treatments you love most.

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