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How to Know You’re Ready for a Facelift

Woman smiling after consultation for facelift procedure in Los Angeles, California

Medical-grade skincare products may be helpful for diminishing fine lines and slowing signs of facial aging. However, as our face loses collagen and fat, even great skincare doesn’t always help improve skin laxity. Some patients are hesitant to consider facelift surgery as it involves adjusting delicate tissues. However, facelift surgery at our Torrance practice can create results that nonsurgical options simply can’t achieve.

Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery is always a very personal decision. But here are a few things to consider when deciding if a facelift is right for you.

Your face doesn’t look like “you”

Time affects us in many ways—and our face is no exception. Age can cause skin and muscles to wrinkle, sag, or droop gradually. Your face shape can change as these tissues move, making your face appear square instead of oval. If you look in the mirror and your face doesn’t seem “quite right,” it may be because of lax, slouchy skin.

A facelift is the best solution for correcting skin elasticity issues. By lifting and repositioning the underlying facial muscle, your surgeon can help you appear like a younger version of yourself.

Creams, serums, and injections fall short

Nonsurgical treatments are popular for many reasons. Injectables and skin products require little to no downtime and often start at a relatively lower price. However, nonsurgical treatments can only do so much because they mainly treat surface-level issues.

A more in-depth approach is required to fix loose skin or weakened muscles. If you’re scheduling regular nonsurgical treatments but finding they fall short, a facelift may be a better option.

You’re ready for a long-term investment

Nonsurgical procedures provide temporary improvement, but they need to be maintained every few months. Some patients don’t like having to schedule touch-up treatments. A facelift, on the other hand, comes at a higher price point but produces long-lasting results.

You can afford some downtime

A facelift is a surgery like any other. Because your surgeon has lifted facial tissues and adjusted muscles, the body requires time to heal. Not all patients feel comfortable taking time off work to undergo facelift surgery. But if you can afford some downtime and want real, transformative results, you’re probably ready for a facelift.

Talk over your options with a board-certified plastic surgeon and discover if a facelift is right for you. Browse our facelift before-and-after photos to see examples of real patient results.

If you would like to learn more about your facelift treatment options here in the Los Angeles area, request a consultation online. You can also call our practice office at (310) 784-0644.

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