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Getting Back to Mom Life After Mommy Makeover

Mother playing with daughter after mommy makeover

“Mommy” is definitely the operative word in a “mommy makeover.” If you’re a mom considering this transformative surgery, you don’t need us to tell you that you have a wealth of responsibilities and obligations every day, which can make it tough to plan a major surgery. But knowledge is power—and knowing what to expect after your own mommy makeover near Long Beach can help you plan accordingly and give yourself a smooth, uneventful recuperation.

Feather Your Nest

Because you’ll need to stay close to home in the immediate days following your procedure, it can be very helpful to make sure your house is clean, comfortable, and well-stocked before you head off to the operating room. You can do this by preparing a few make-ahead meals that you can store in the freezer and reheat when you and your family want them. It can also be helpful to arrange for help around the house, whether from your kids, your spouse, or a hired service. Make sure everyone is on the same page with regard to what you’ll need after your surgery, and don’t be afraid to hire someone if you need to fill in the gaps.

Talk to Your Kids

Plastic surgery can be a touchy subject with kids of any age. Because you’ll have bandages and doctor’s visits, younger children may have a difficult time understanding that you aren’t sick or injured. Although talking to your kids about plastic surgery is a personal matter, remember that kids are intuitive and will know something’s up. We typically recommend that parents not try to hide the fact that mom has had surgery. Be sure you have the conversation sooner than later to help your children mentally prepare themselves. If your kids are old enough, they can also help out preparing the house for your recovery. Once you’re at home after surgery, your kids will enjoy bringing you snacks, reading with you, or playing a quiet game. This “together” time can help them feel included and important—and it can help you feel better, too!

“Mommy, Carry Me!”

If your child is accustomed to being picked up and cuddled by you, the initial healing period can be tough, because it’s vital to avoid lifting anything substantial—including your child—for at least several weeks after surgery. This rest period allows your muscles and incisions to heal on their own. A healthy healing process will lead to a stronger body and better, longer-lasting results. We know it’s important and even therapeutic to share affection with your child, and we encourage you to look for ways to enjoy time together that won’t put a strain on your body. Plan a movie night together, play a card game, or read a favorite book. Giving your body the rest it needs will make the wait worth it.

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