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Can You Breastfeed With Implants?

Woman in Los Angeles, CA with breast implants who breastfeeds her newborn

Women from all walks of life are interested in breast augmentation. Some younger patients plan to have more children in the future and worry that implants will impact their ability to breastfeed safely. Good news: Most women who get breast implants in Los Angeles can safely breastfeed, even without customizing their surgery. However, there are ways that you can be extra careful by working with your surgeon.

Do breast implants affect breastfeeding? 

Most women have nothing to fear when it comes to breast augmentation and breastfeeding. Implants are usually placed behind the milk glands or under the chest muscle and tissue, blocking them from impacting your milk supply. However, the nerves around your nipples play a critical role in breastfeeding. The safest surgery is one that avoids incisions near the milk glands and keeps the areola (the dark area around your nipple) intact.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are no links between milk quality and the mother’s use of breast implants. You can safely breastfeed your baby without worrying about potential health issues.

Customizing your procedure

Even traditional breast augmentation has little impact on the milk glands. But if you would like to take extra precautions, your surgeon can adjust the details of your procedure.

  • Incision location: An inframammary incision runs along the fold underneath the breast, away from any structures involved in breastfeeding. A transaxillary incision, located near the armpit, is another option for women who are planning to breastfeed.
  • Implant placement: Implants placed underneath the chest muscle are a very safe option, as they are farther away from any glandular breast tissue.

The best time to discuss these needs is during your private consultation. Tell your doctor that you plan on breastfeeding in the future, and together you can discuss your options for preserving your ability to breastfeed.

Tips for breastfeeding with implants 

There are many useful tricks for increasing your milk production when breastfeeding with implants:

  • Breastfeed often: Try breastfeeding your baby around 8 to 10 times a day. The more you breastfeed, the more milk your body can make.
  • Use a breast pump: Regularly emptying your breasts also encourages milk production. Use a breast pump or manually express when needed.
  • Work with a lactation consultant: If you struggle with producing enough milk, a lactation consultant can teach you to maximize your milk supply.

Breastfeeding your baby is an unforgettable bonding experience that many women look forward to. By working with your surgeon and taking a few precautions, you can grow your family and breastfeed without issue. 

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