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Bra Shopping After Breast Augmentation: What You Need to Know

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Breast augmentation patients at our Los Angeles-area practice love to celebrate their new bodies. For many women, the first to-do after recovery is to plan a shopping spree. Bra shopping after breast augmentation can be an exciting (if overwhelming) experience. With so many new options to choose from, you may be unsure of where to begin.

When adapting to a new body after breast augmentation, we offer our Redondo and Manhattan Beach plastic surgery patients a few helpful guidelines. Here are some ways to smoothly navigate this time and find the best bras for your new figure. 

Take your time

A fancy new wardrobe might sound tempting, but don’t rush out and immediately buy multiple bras. Give yourself time to recover from surgery and let yourself fully heal. As your body adjusts after breast augmentation, you may still experience swelling or slight implant movement.

You should wear a supportive post-surgery bra that provides proper compression and support during your recovery. If you have your breast augmentation procedure at our practice we will provide you with a perfectly-fitted bra to wear after surgery. Avoid anything with underwire for 6 weeks, as it might irritate your sutures or compromise blood flow.

Get a professional fitting

Many women—even those who haven’t undergone breast augmentation—aren’t actually sure of their proper bra size. According to some researchers, up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. When adapting to your new body, take the time to get a professional fitting to see what your new size truly is. 

Getting guidance and advice can help you quickly adapt to your new body shape. An expert can help you find a bra that best shows off your new figure and makes you feel more confident.

Hold off on big-ticket items

Your breasts will take time to “drop” and “settle” after surgery. They will adjust in size and shape as swelling begins to subside. Because of this, it’s best to wait before buying any big-ticket items such as expensive bras. You don’t want your investment bras to fit poorly only a few months later.

To give your breasts a chance to fully settle into their new appearance, wait around 6 months post-surgery before buying luxury items.

Enjoy new styles

Breast augmentation can help you create the body you’ve always wanted—so congratulations! Take a moment to celebrate the new you and try on bra styles that you’ve always dreamed of. Enjoy yourself and have fun with the process. Your new body may be best suited to styles you’ve never tried before, so keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to try new options.

Bra shopping after breast augmentation can be a rewarding, exciting experience. By letting your body heal and investing in quality pieces, you can celebrate your brand-new body while feeling beautiful and confident.

Browse our breast augmentation before-and-after pictures to see examples from past patients. If you would like to learn more about your breast augmentation options in the Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach area, request a consultation online or call (310) 784-0644.

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