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Are Tummy Tuck Results Permanent?

Woman's muscular torso wearing white underwear and sports bra (model)

You will be happy to know that tummy tuck results are permanent, but be aware that weight fluctuations can affect your new contours. During a tummy tuck, your plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and strengthen abdominal muscles to achieve a streamlined effect. You do have to be at a stable weight before the procedure to achieve optimal results, and it’s important to stay at a stable weight after the procedure to maintain that taut tummy.

After your tummy tuck, you will typically need around 6 weeks to recover fully. Make sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s recommendations, including wearing a compression garment for the first 2 weeks. You should also avoid any strenuous activities until you have fully recovered. A smooth recovery will help you optimize and maintain your tummy tuck results. You can see some of our patients’ before and after pictures in our photo gallery.

To maintain your tummy tuck results longer, eat a balanced diet, get regular exercise, drink plenty of water, and take good care of your skin by protecting it from the sun and moisturizing it.  

Our goal is to help you achieve excellent, long-lasting results from your tummy tuck. If you are ready to enjoy a flatter and firmer midsection, request a consultation or call us at (310) 784-0644 to schedule an appointment.

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