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Everything You Want to Know About "Gummy Bear" Implants

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Have you heard of “gummy bear” breast implants? Do you wonder what they are and how they might compare to saline, gel-filled and other types of implants?

“Gummy bear” is actually an informal name that doesn’t describe a specific implant. It is used to describe a group of relatively solid gel-filled implants. Historically, implants were filled with a watery form of silicone that was more likely to leak. Current gel-filled implants are filled with a more solid form of silicone that holds its shape if the implant shell breaks. The official term used to describe this solid form of silicone is “form stable implant.”

All of the current silicone gel implants are filled with semi-solid silicone. Some are more solid than others. The most solid implant, and thus, the most form-stable implant available currently is the 410 implant from Allergan. The other implant manufacturers, Mentor and Sientra, have form stable silicone filled breast implants, as well. Selecting an implant is a complicated process, so the best thing to do is come in for a consultation with one of our South Bay Plastic Surgeons so that we can help you decide on the right implant to achieve your goals.

The Benefits of Gummy Bear Implants
First, let’s change the name. Here at South Bay Plastic surgeons, Gummy Bear implants are generally called 410’s, as that’s the name given to Allergan’s form-stable implant, the brand most often used here in our Torrance breast augmentation procedures.
One very impressive benefit of the 410 implant is that it form stable implants minimize the chance of rippling and wrinkling, a common problem with both saline and gel-filled implants. This rippling and wrinkling can sometimes be seen in very thin women who have little of their own breast tissue.

Most form stable implants have a tear drop shape, much like a drop of water or a tear drop from the eye. This shape is also known as an “anatomic” shape since it mimics the normal anatomy and slope of the breast. The “anatomic” shape of these implants can lead to a more natural looking result, avoiding the upper pole fullness of some round implants, which can look fake. The “anatomic” implants are also particularly useful for breast reconstruction after cancer, often leading to the most natural-looking results. Form stable implants have been used for many years around the world, and were approved for use by the FDA in the United States in 2013.

If you are interested in a breast enhancement, contact our office at (310) 784-0644 or complete this online breast augmentation consultation form to inquire about the 410 implant. You can rest assured that your Torrance plastic surgeon will guide you to the best implant for your particular beauty goals.

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