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What Will My Tummy Tuck Scar Look Like?

Woman wearing a nude bra and underwear (model)

Sometimes, diet and exercise alone can’t eliminate a belly pooch and loose abdominal skin—especially following pregnancy or significant weight loss. A tummy tuck can give you a firmer, flatter midsection and help you achieve your ideal physique. When considering this popular procedure, it’s critical to understand what to expect. If you’re wondering what your tummy tuck scar will look like post-surgery, keep reading! We’ll describe tummy tuck scars and explain how tummy tuck surgeons deliver transformative body contouring results while minimizing your incisions and scarring …

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How Long Does a Facelift Last? Your FAQs Answered!

Mature woman with beautiful skin lightly touching her cheek (model)

Are you considering a facelift to look and feel more vibrant? Facelift surgery can take years off your appearance so that in addition to looking better, you also feel more confident in your renewed skin. How long does a facelift last, and is it right for you? We’re here to help you navigate your aesthetic journey with some FAQs about facelift surgery, recovery, and results. Read on to learn more! How does a facelift work? A facelift is a surgical procedure that involves removing loose, …

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Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction: Which Is Better?

Woman wearing nude bra and underwear sitting down with her knee up (model)

Are you dealing with persistent fat or sagging abdominal skin resistant to your dedicated diet and exercise routines? We understand your frustration, whether post-childbirth changes or substantial weight loss has resulted in lax abdominal skin or weakened muscles that affect your self-confidence. Selecting the ideal body contouring method might seem daunting. In this blog post, we'll compare tummy tuck surgery and liposuction, two popular body contouring procedures. We aim to provide you with a clearer understanding of each approach and help you make an informed …

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Is Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer a Win-Win?

Woman in sun at and black bathing suit smiling (model)

Most women opt for breast surgery to improve their appearance and self-confidence. But just as there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a bra, you also have choices regarding breast augmentation. This procedure has truly evolved over the years, and today we can offer you options like natural breast augmentation with fat transfer vs. breast implants.  What is unique about breast augmentation with fat transfer? What is recovery like? Are you a good candidate? Let’s explore how and why a fat transfer breast augmentation could be …

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4 Questions To Ask Before Liposuction

4 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Before Liposuction

is one of the most gratifying cosmetic procedures we perform for our patients. That’s because liposuction can sculpt and slim areas of the body that diet and exercise sometimes can’t. (We all know the frustration of trying to “spot treat” our trouble zones.) With relatively little downtime and results that can last several years, it’s no wonder so many people choose this popular body contouring procedure. Once you’ve decided to have liposuction, it’s important to choose a provider who is qualified to perform your treatment. …

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How To Sleep After Breast Augmentation: 3 Tips for Resting Well

Brunette woman sleeping in bed (model)

After breast augmentation—or any surgery, for that matter—rest is paramount. But getting the sleep you need during recovery can be tough. Our breast augmentation patients have taught us a thing or 2 about the recuperation process—and we’re sharing their tips for how to sleep well after breast augmentation here. Why Sleep Is Vital During Recovery Resting with your eyes closed can feel nice, but it’s simply not the same as sleep. When you fall asleep, your body undergoes a series of physiological changes and enters …

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Filler Removal FAQ: How Common, Safe & Quick Is It?

Woman touching her smooth face

The next trending cosmetic surgery procedure may not be what you expect. If you're a fan of celebrity news, you may have heard Blac Chyna, Amy Schumer, Kylie Jenner, Vicki Gunvalson (Real Housewives of Orange County) and Simon Cowell sharing their decisions to undergo filler removal. If you're considering dermal fillers, you should know how common filler removal is, as well as how it's completed. In our experience, filler removal—technically filler dissolution—is the exception rather than the norm. However, the option for dissolving your injectable …

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Why Plastic Surgery for Men Is on the Rise

Attractive man leaning against a wall with his arms crossed and smiling (model)

Interest in plastic surgery for men has been steadily rising as more and more men are enjoying the benefits of body contouring, anti-aging treatments, and facial enhancement. What's driving this change? A Competitive Edge in the Workplace An increasing number of men undergo cosmetic enhancements to help them compete in the business world. In fact, career advancement is one of the most commonly cited reasons for men pursuing plastic surgery. The enhancements offered by plastic surgery give men greater confidence, make them appear more masculine, …

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Ozempic®, Liposuction, or CoolSculpting® Elite: Which Is Right for Your Fat Loss Goals?

Woman's torso wearing black bra and underwear (model)

It's nothing new for people to turn to prescription drugs as a quick and easy way to lose unwanted fat. Lately, Ozempic has been the most talked-about option. The FDA approved Novo Nordisk's drug Ozempic for treating Type 2 diabetes, but it has also shown promising results for weight loss. The company now also markets the drug specifically for weight loss as Wegovy®, approved by the FDA in 2021. These drugs aren't your only options for fat reduction, however. Other, longer-lasting treatments are available and …

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How To Compare Mommy Makeover Results

Mother holding her daughter on her back smiling at each other (models)

Sometimes diet and exercise alone are not enough to help restore your body to its original shape after pregnancy, childbirth, and the demands of motherhood. Mommy makeover surgery is a personalized combination procedure that improves many areas of your body at once, from your breasts to your belly. And while you may be used to putting your family's needs first, maybe it's time to address what you need to feel good about yourself. If you're just starting to research your surgical options and looking for …

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